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HS64-63RQ 64″(162cm) GB Extra Long 5 Foot Bar For Stihl 050, 051, 070, 075, 076, 08, 090, 084, 088, MS880 .404 .063 180 drive links

These bars are made in the same way as GB harvester bars – excellent durability and long length for big logs.


Up to (and including) 64″ bars are heavy but manageable. Above 64″ the bar needs more careful handling due to bar flex. Used in chainsaw milling situations this aspect is less of an issue as the mill holds the bar flat. However there is less margin for error than in smaller set ups and chains sharpening and correct set up becomes more important.

64″ and longer bars really benefit from using a skip tooth chain (or for milling the 27RX hyperskip chain). This reduces strain on the powerhead and allows you to keep the saw revs up without the chain bogging down.


Chain spec.
.404 .063  –  180 drive links

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