FWK2 Alaskan Full Winch Kit (New Mk II version)
FWK2 Alaskan Full Winch Kit (New Mk II Version) 2FWK2 Alaskan Full Winch Kit (New Mk II Version) 3FWK2 Alaskan Full Winch Kit (New Mk II Version) 4

FWK2 Alaskan Full Winch Kit (New Mk II Version)

Everyone should fit a winch to their mill! Watch our videos on how this works and for fitting.

New Mk II Alaskan Full Winch Kit. A better system that makes it much easier to locate the winch cord on the log and a new end bracket which attaches to the end of the log without tools. A better system at a better price!

Winching kit for the Alaskan mill. Simple and easy to fit includes a winch, snap clip, x2 winch eyes, log end bracket and pull cord line. Reduces milling effort by 90% – a revolution yet so simple watch this video (although this is the first trial of the system and components now updated winch video)

Video is the older version – new video coming soon!

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