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G778-U *NEW* Granberg Ultimate Chainsaw Mill

Welcome to the New Mk IV Granberg Alaskan Ultimate Mill. Features completely redesigned end brackets, better hand grips, tool holder magnet and ratchet spanner. With this mill you can build any mill from 24″ up to 60″ – everything you need is included.

For longer than 60″ you will need a further extension kit.

This system comes with a set of:

4x 36″ profile rails

3x Granberg new style end brackets

2x 36″ stainless handles

1x profile joining kit

This new mill moves away from having different individual rail sizes – you have it all in one system! You can easily cut the rails down yourself to form shorter add on attachments.

What size chainsaw do I need?
The bigger the better! You can mill with a longer bar on a smaller saw by switching to a Lo Pro set up. Set ups are varied and you will need to do some homework to see how to get the most out of your saw.

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